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Spoke Team
October 27, 2021

The way we share information at work is broken. Our calendars are filled with Zoom calls and alignment meetings. We spend 60% of our time on work coordination – searching for updates, reporting, and switching between apps.

The tools aren’t really the problem, rather it’s the behaviors we’ve built around them. We struggle to cut through the noise and identify information that’s relevant to us. This leads to repetition, misalignment, and duplication. And the problem only worsens with scale.

We need to create order and bring focus. That’s why we’re building Spoke.

Why us

Our experience includes bootstrapping a startup (Plantclub), scaling through hypergrowth (N26, Circ) and being part of the WeWork rollercoaster. The one consistent thread: information sharing has posed a challenge in all of these organizations.

At N26, Jack and Max, saw the company grow from 100 people to over 1,400. As the team expanded, we ran into problems with scaling internal communications. We spent over half our time just sharing and searching for information – jumping from email to Slack to Asana and back, to update a constantly growing set of teams and stakeholders. At WeWork, Carl experienced how a distributed set-up (across EMEA and globally) can complicate alignment and communication, leading to knowledge silos and duplicate work.

The state of information sharing

To date, we’ve spoken to over 100 companies to explore the different information sharing problems facing organizations today. Our research shows that employees are struggling to find the information they need to do their jobs. This missing context heightens interactions through Slack, Zoom, and email, meaning people spend much of their time summarizing and sharing information. Over 85% of the people we spoke to listed stakeholder communication as their biggest pain point.

The pandemic expanded challenges around information sharing. As the shift towards hybrid and remote working accelerated, many of the information sharing issues typically seen in larger companies also emerged in smaller teams – where the effects of these inefficiencies are felt much harder. Most individuals in smaller organizations (<50 person companies) reported spending 3-5 hours per week just reporting project updates.

Vertical alignment has been able to lean heavily on Slack and Zoom, but we found that horizontal information sharing has collapsed. The hybrid and distributed setups that have become the norm mean people on different teams can’t meet for lunch or stop for a chat by the water cooler – inter-team collaboration starts to fail and individuals feel isolated from the rest of the company.

Say hello to Spoke – alignment, automated.

With Spoke, we’re building a personalized feed for each individual within an organization. Spoke uses AI to create a system of intelligence by combining detailed summaries of the work happening in your team – and adjacent teams you depend on – with higher-level updates from across the company. The feed gives you all the information you need, without having to schedule additional meetings or send more Slack messages. In short, Spoke gives you the context you need to work.

On average, SMBs use 73 different SaaS apps (and enterprises use 175+). The last thing anyone wants is another tool to update. That’s why Spoke integrates with the tools you already use. Spoke collects active data via progress updates and passive data inputs from tools, then contextualizes this information to generate smart summaries, tailored to you.

Right now (Q4 ‘21) Spoke lives in Slack (where we’re mostly working already), but we’re developing a powerful webapp to display your personalized feed in an easy-to-consume format. Ever missed a notification? Spoke is output agnostic, so you won’t have to open the webapp to get your updates– they can be pushed to you directly in email or Slack.

Our vision is to create perfect alignment within companies. Spoke should be your first touchpoint each morning, creating the context for your day ahead.

Ready to automate alignment and take back your time?

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