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All your notifications in a single place

Spoke aggregates your notifications across tools into a clean unified inbox, meaning no more tool switching.

Prioritize the most important stuff

Know what to focus on first without having to think – so you can spend time actioning, not prioritizing.

Example of prioritized notifications in Spoke inbox
Example of Slack message in Spoke inboxExample of AI-powered summary in Spoke inbox

The context you need to action things fast

Powerful AI summarizes the key information around each notification so that actions take seconds, not minutes.

Start every day supercharged

Connect your stack

Connect your favorite tools to Spoke. No more missing a notification in Notion, Jira, or anywhere else.

Stay in flow

Keyboard shortcuts to open, resolve, and respond with lightning speed.

Avoid distractions with a Chrome extension that keeps flowing through your notifications with minimal distractions.

Powerful views

Create custom filters across tools, people, channels and more.

Benefit from smart, AI-powered grouping that understands and organizes based on your ongoing projects.

For connected teams

Move forward together at speed with a shared understanding on the latest, most important topics.

You’re in good company


"It's now easier for us to understand what’s happening across channels at-a-glance."

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“Using Spoke has been really helpful for our distributed team. The summarization keeps everyone in the loop about what's happening day to day.”


“I have to be in 10 places at once. Spoke helps me prioritize the most important topics and action them faster than ever.”

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“So far i am loving it on long threads with developers.”


“Holy shit, those summaries are really good! This is such a tool for CEOs. I just go into the product thread with 50 messages, hit summarise and it actually tells me what the team is working on. Nice job!”


“Spoke's summarisation feature allows us to quickly get up to speed on conversations and help to team move forward.”

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