Alignment, automated
Spoke smartly summarizes and shares progress to keep teammates and stakeholders up-to-date.
Goodbye, manual stakeholder updates.
👋 Hello, automated alignment.
Less time in tedious standups
Easy updates to keep teammates in the loop
Spoke gathers progress across the tools that you’re using and turns these into an update for your teammates.
Spoke Landing Page "Share my update" & "Team Overview" Asset
No more searching through Slack
Personalized feed for an overview of everything
Spoke's feed experience gives you a summarized overview of everything that’s happening.
Spoke Landing Page "Share Summary" Asset
Fewer alignment meetings
Smart summaries to share with stakeholders
Spoke summarizes your team’s progress into a bitesize summary that’s effortless to share.
Spoke Landing Page "Feed" Asset
Email, Slack, and Zoom have made distributed alignment possible.
💡Now it’s time to make it intelligent.
Ready to automate alignment and take back your time?
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