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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Workflows with AI

By leveraging AI, we can enhance our efficiency, gain deeper insights, streamline communication, and make more informed decisions. Learn how to upgrade your workflows using the Spoke app for Slack.

Spoke.ai SOC 2 Compliance

Spoke.ai is now SOC 2 Type II compliant, exemplifying our strong commitment to data security practices. Prioritizing data minimization & anonymization, and global security standards, with AI ethics at heart.

Transforming Gmail Communication

Through AI-powered summarization, prioritization, augmented drafts & reminders, and sentiment analysis, Gmail can transform from mere email management to fostering productive async communication.

Upgrade Microsoft Teams with AI

AI can improve Microsoft Teams for product and engineering teams with summarization, prioritization, proactive context, and pattern analysis – enhancing productivity and reducing information overload.

AI in Startup Workflows

Unlock startup potential with AI: Revolutionize ideation, pitch effortlessly, craft seamless UI/UX, turn meetings into structured records, and replace information overload with actionable insights.

Chaining your LLM

LangChain is a tool that enables chaining of large language models (LLMs) to improve performance and flexibility in AI prompting, resulting in faster AI responses and an enhanced user experience.

The Power of Diversity in AI

At Spoke we've seen firsthand how a diverse team can enhance your product development process and lead to a more robust, inclusive, and effective user experience.

Slack Communication with AI

Slack has become the main communication channel for many teams – this constant influx of notifications can quickly become overwhelming. Here AI can come in to streamline communication.

Algorithmic Fairness

Biases are introduced into algorithms in various ways, e.g. in framing the problem or collecting data. By understanding and correcting biases, we can build debiased AI models that serve everyone.

Team Offsite Spring 2023

At Spoke we aspired to build a remote-first team from the first day. With team members in 6 different countries, we bring the team together twice per year to co-work and get to know each other.

Knowing WHEN to Pivot

Do you need to pivot but haven’t realized yet? That was us last year. As product managers and founders, it’s crucial to recognize when things aren’t on the right path.

Announcing our €2m Funding Round

We’re excited to announce our pre-seed funding round together with the open beta launch of our App for Slack! We’re grateful to be on this journey together with our amazing investors and early beta users.

PII Data Anonymization

This post explains how we tackle data privacy at Spoke and how we make sure to not disclose any PII data in our databases or to any third party apps. One of the ways we ensure this is by leveraging Presidio – a data protection and de-identification SDK by Microsoft.

Event-Driven Systems w/ RabbitMQ

This a quick introduction and guide to RabbitMQ, a powerful open-source message broker for event-driven systems, allowing components to send and receive messages reliably and asynchronously.

Data Annotation with Airtable

The main challenge of this blog post was to figure out how to make our internal data annotation process for ranking updates more efficient and less mundane, by potentially moving away from a relatively complicated set-up with Google Forms, and creating a more efficient and beautiful flow with Airtable.

Responsible AI Checklist

At Spoke we believe in the ethical use of technologies and aim to build meaningful processes aligned with our core values. Therefore, we incorporated a Responsible AI checklist in our code contribution flow – similar to as we have checks for adding unit tests and other engineering best practices.

Evaluation Measures for Ranking

This is an introduction to the evaluation measures which can be used to ensure that NLP models perform well at ranking the textual data they receive. This importance ranking, of the textual inputs our models process, is one of the building blocks Spoke uses in order to generate valuable summaries for our users.

How the Spoke Team Stays Focused

Advice on how to maximize productivity is seemingly endless – from avoiding multitasking and kicking that coffee addiction, to optimizing your sleep pattern. What works for one person isn’t a fit for everyone. Looking for ways to ramp up your productivity? We’re no gurus, but at least we can share what’s working for each of us!

Avoiding Collaboration Overload

Collaborative work can foster a sense of engagement that brings teams into alignment and helps to develop more effective communication. And it makes sense to have input from different perspectives when working on complex tasks, right? Teamwork is essential, especially when delivering cross-functional projects. But how can you tell when your team is collaborating too much?

The Art of Overcommunication

We spend over half of our working hours searching for and sharing information: responding to messages, chasing progress updates, and keeping stakeholders in the loop. In the right situation, overcommunicating can streamline information sharing in the workplace and encourage team alignment – giving us the context we need to work effectively.

AI Predictions for 2022

2021 was a big year for artificial intelligence and paved the way for further innovation in 2022. Things are moving fast, but sometimes it can be hard to discern what’s valuable amidst all the hype, so we brought together our favourite people from the field, to share their highlights from 2021 and predictions for the coming year... Spoiler alert: we’re pretty excited about what AI has to offer in 2022!

Sync vs. Async Communication

Internal communication is essential for an organization to function. From strategy meetings and company-wide updates, to Slack messages or a coffee-break chat. As companies make the shift towards distributed working, many experience issues with alignment and internal communication. Knowing when to choose synchronous vs asynchronous communication is central to communicating successfully and keeping people in the loop.

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