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Asset showing how to set up a customized digest in the Spoke App for Slack along with an example digest with personalized action items.

⏳ Save 30+ minutes every day, instead of drowning in Slack messages

Protect your precious focus time and be in the know with customizable, scheduled summaries and personalized action items, powered by AI.

🕒 Insights at your fingertips

Transform any channel into a powerful assistant that understands the channel history and provides verifiable answers to your questions.
Asset show how the Asset showcasing the App for Slack channel assistants feature, allowing you to analyze historical channel data and ask follow-up questions based on this.
Asset showing how personalized channel digests of latest messages in Slack reduce information overload and can be used to trigger workflows

🦾 Powerful Workflows

Optimize your workflows and connect your core tools with pre-filled tickets, contextual meeting invites & faster documentation, launched right within Slack.

🔐 Privacy-first AI

Limited data access based on your settings – you take full control over which data Spoke can access.
Automatic detection and anonymization of all personal and confidential data using proprietary methods.
Full encryption of all data – at rest (AES-256) and in transit (HTTPS, RSA-2048).
Optional incognito mode – use our AI summarization without any of your input or output data being stored.

You can learn more about our commitment here.
Asset visualizing how Spoke protects user privacy with Access Control, Anonymization, Full Encryption and the Incognito Mode, in which no user data is stored at all.

Our commitment to responsible & privacy-first AI

SOC 2 Security Compliance Badge. Awarded to in October 2023.
SOC 2 Security Compliance Badge. Awarded to in October 2023.

Our commitment to privacy-first AI

Spoke is SOC 2 (Type II) compliant. But established standards & certifications are only our first step in safeguarding you & your data.

With AI-generated content, potentially inaccurate or biased outputs are very challenging to universally avoid – that's why we strive to make it effortless for you to share in-app feedback and summary ratings, which directly impact the quality of Spoke's outputs and your experience.

We build ethical, privacy-preserving AI products by minimizing data collection, identifying & eliminating biases, anonymizing sensitive data, enabling seamless user feedback loops for all AI-generated outputs, and encrypting all data based on the highest standards.
Read more on Data Privacy & Security ->

You're in good company

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CPO @ Mostly AI

“I can really focus on the things that matter without distraction. Spoke has helped me keep the balance because I can understand when something is actually required from me and then I can act.”

User testimonial logo Vinted
Senior Product Manager @ Vinted

“The biggest thing that I struggle with in Slack is the keep track of things that I’ve forgotten about. Spoke really helps me remember the things that I need to do without important stuff falling through the cracks.”

User testimonial logo Hive
VP Product @ Hive

“I have to be in 10 places at once. Spoke helps me prioritize the most important topics and action them faster than ever. I love that it allows me to peek at what’s coming in without completely losing focus.”

User testimonial logo Transactionlink
CEO @ Transactionlink

“Holy sh*t, those summaries are really good! This is such a great tool for CEOs. I get a summary of the thread with 50 messages and immediately understand what the team is working on. Nice job!”

User testimonial logo Contrast
Head of Product @ Contrast

“I’m asking so many things from different people that it’s very difficult to keep an overview. Spoke helps me stay on top of the things I need to do and everything I’ve asked from others.”

User testimonial logo Chili Piper
Product Lead @ Chili Piper

“The Spoke side-panel is really helpful because it’s like your sidekick that gives you additional context when you’re in the tools you know and love. I love the summaries on long threads with developers.”