Announcing our €2m Funding Round

Spoke Founders
February 23, 2023


Today, we’re excited to announce our €2m pre-seed funding round together with the open beta launch of the Spoke App for Slack! We’re grateful to be on this journey together with our investors byFounders, Possible Ventures as well as a group of amazing angel investors and early beta users.

Problem solves the problem of information overload in the workplace. Today’s teams are overwhelmed with workplace noise: tool notifications, Slack Channel lurking to ensure they don’t miss relevant context, and reply-all email culture, paired with the asynchronous nature of globally spread teams. To solve this problem, we use AI to aggregate, prioritize, and summarize information, cutting through the noise to create context.


Our App for Slack is the first step to empower users to save time by summarizing complicated discussions directly within Slack. You can get started in less than two minutes by adding Spoke to your workspace via our website and we would love to get your feedback! Spoke is free to use during open beta and there will always be a free version available.

Next up, we are integrating deeply with the tool stack of modern teams (think Slack, Jira / Linear, Github, Miro, Figma, Confluence and Notion), to provide a powerful experience across two areas:

  • Smart Inbox & Outbox: Prioritize and summarize notifications across tools to reach inbox zero faster than ever without missing anything
  • Generative Knowledge Base: Semantic search that connects tickets, documents, and conversations across tools to provide an always up-to-date source of truth in summarized form

About Spoke

Our biggest achievement to date is assembling a very talented and diverse team of 17 engineers, data scientists and designers with ten nationalities working across 6 countries in Europe and Africa. Please drop us a message if you want to learn more about AI summarization or grab a coffee at our Berlin office!

Parts of the Spoke Team with Investor Eric Lagier (byFounders) in Berlin

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