Spoke Product Change Log 2024 | Week 10

Jack Lancaster | Co-founder & CPO
March 4, 2024

The team has been doing incredible work and we’ve got some amazing updates to share 🙌

Here’s what’s new ↓

📌 Pin Asana to the nav bar

Now you can use Asana inside Spoke so all your core tools are in one place.

⚡ Quick actions with Asana & Todoist

Create a task in Asana and Todoist directly from the conversation by clicking on the zap icon.

🗞️ Set up Digests for channels

Choose channels that you'd like to receive summaries for on a schedule (rather than in real-time), so that you get a clear overview.

✨ Ask questions from your Slack data with the Assistant

Now you can ask questions about what's happened across your Slack workspace by using the Spoke Assistant.

🔔 Smarter, quieter notifications

We've added smarter logic to the pushes from Spoke so they alert you at the right time, rather than with every update to a conversation. Less noisy, more useful.

🧞‍♂️ Show summaries on hover in the side bar

This is my personal favourite – you can now understand a conversation at a glance in the Spoke sidebar via the summary-on-hover.

🦘 Automatically jump to the next conversation after resolving in the side bar

Now when you resolve an expanded conversation, you'll jump to the next one to stay in flow.

Excited to get your feedback!

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