The Power of Diversity in AI

Carl Brenssell
July 6, 2023

💪 The Power of Diversity in building AI-first Products

In the rapidly evolving world of AI, diversity is more than just a buzzword — it's a powerful force that drives innovation, creativity, and success. At, we've seen firsthand how a team of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and gender identities can enhance our product development process and lead to a more robust, inclusive, and effective user experience.

💎 The Value of Diversity in AI

Diversity in AI (and the tech industry more broadly, of course) brings a wealth of benefits, ranging from increased innovation to enhancing problem-solving capabilities. Here's why:

  1. Innovation: Diverse teams bring a variety of perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table, fostering creativity and innovation. Different backgrounds can lead to unique insights that might not emerge in a more homogenous group. That’s why were always looking for “Culture Add” rather than “Culture Fit” when looking for new team members.
  2. Problem-Solving: Research shows that diverse teams are better at problem-solving (cf. this article in the Harvard Business Review). With a wider range of perspectives, they can approach challenges from multiple angles and come up with more effective solutions.
  3. Representation: A diverse team is more likely to understand and represent the needs of a diverse user base. This is particularly important for AI-powered, language-based products which cater to teams around the world with lots of individual use cases.

🏃 Diversity in Action

At, we've seen the power of diversity in action. In building a product that strives to understand and meet the needs of a diverse user base, we're constantly faced with new challenges and the need consider additional perspectives and (ethical) pitfalls.

1. Building an Inclusive Product

With a diverse team, we're inherently more focused on and therefore better able to ensure that our product is inclusive and caters to a wide range of users. For example, we’ve trained our models to ensure that all AI-generated output we serve to users is gender-neutral which increases inclusivity in general, but in particular also when dealing with different names from various origins and cultural backgrounds.

2. Understanding Diverse User Needs

Diversity also helps us better understand the needs of a diverse user base. With team members from different nationalities and professional backgrounds, we've been able to gain insights into how teams around the world use collaboration tools like Slack, enabling us to tailor our features to meet these unique needs.

3. Detecting and Avoiding Bias

Our diverse backgrounds further help us ensure that we train our AI systems and models on a wide variety of data, representing a broad range of conversations, jargon, and cultural nuances. This helps us avoid biases and ensures that our AI-powered features work effectively for all users. Our team's diverse perspectives enable us to critically examine our algorithms and systems, helping us identify and address potential biases that we might not have tackled from the get-go otherwise. This commitment to avoiding bias is not just about fairness — it’s about building a robust and effective product that truly meets the needs of our diverse user base.

👀 Final Thoughts

In addition to the long list of benefits of a diverse team for product development described above, we’re also super excited to learn more about how we can leverage AI ourselves to boost diversity and inclusion further (check out this great Forbes article on the topic)!

We are convinced that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. As we continue to evolve and improve our product, we're committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture that drives innovation, enhances problem-solving, and leads to a more robust and effective product. In the end, it's clear that diversity isn't just beneficial — it's essential to building a successful product in the tech industry at large, but in particular when working with AI.

If you want to chat about which measures we took to hire a diverse team from day 1 – or any other topic around hiring / D&I – always feel free to reach out to us directly! 🙏

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