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Stay on top of all relevant conversations. Never miss crucial updates, feedback, or ideas.
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Stay on top of all relevant conversations. Never miss crucial updates, feedback, or ideas.

Product Managers launch & iterate faster with Spoke:

-> Spend time on strategy, not on Slack

-> Monitor feature launches across the product org

-> Discover and distill user feedback from all channels

-> Summarize and share your team’s progress with stakeholders

-> Never miss crucial updates from management, engineering or marketing

You're in good company 🤝


“Being able to forget about a channel and turn off all notifications and then only spend 5 minutes every morning looking at a summary. This is a game changer.”

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“I like that my team have the digest set up so that they're not spending too much time in areas where they don't need to focus. This way they can get more work done.”

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“I have to be in 10 places at once. Spoke helps me prioritize the most important topics and action them faster than ever.”

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“So far I am loving it on long threads with developers.”

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“Holy sh*t, those summaries are really good! This is such a tool for CEOs. I just go into the product thread with 50 messages, hit summarise and it actually tells me what the team is working on. Nice job!”


“Spoke's summarisation feature allows us to quickly get up to speed on conversations and help the team move forward.”

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Our commitment to privacy-first AI

Data collection & ethics
We strive to build ethical, privacy-preserving AI products by minimizing data collection, identifying biasis and enabling seamless user feedback loops.
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Data encryption
We minimize data collection, anonymize using proprietary technologies, encrypt (AES-256) and store on AWS (Frankfurt, Germany).
Read more on data encryption here ->
Your data. Your choice.
Turn on Incognito Mode to use our AI summarization without any of your input (Slack messages) or output data (summaries) being stored.
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Your data. Our responsibility.
We will be SOC 2 (Type 2) certified in October 2023. Our ISO 27001 certification is on track for completion in 2024.
If you have questions or need help with security or compliance topics, please reach out any time.
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